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Food Diary Doesn’t Record Calories, But Happiness


(Finally, I decided to use my clumsy Chinglish to record my days in Ann Arbor. I’d appreciate it if you could point out any mistakes in grammar or suggest more appropriate expressions.)

Before I came to the US, I couldn’t understand people’s passion for food. I couldn’t understand people getting up at midnight or travelling 2 hours and waiting in line in the cold wind for 2 hours just for a bite of a well-known food. I couldn’t understand why people in A Bite of China (舌尖上的中国)devote so many efforts for a dish. And I thought the Chūka Ichiban! (中华小当家)was too exaggerated, because it told you in every episode, “Food makes people feel happiness.” At most, I agreed with my mom that “Food is a cure for homesickness.(吃饱了不想家)”

Since I arrived in the US, the question I asked most frequently to myself was “What am I gonna eat?” Then I understood how my mom felt when she asked me this question so often in the past 20 years. Now I feel guilty that I felt annoyed when she asked this.

It might be because of the increased Engel coefficient in my life, food is no longer trivial. I can’t imagine that I used to ask why we still have to waste time eating in this high-tech society. Now I know why food makes people happy. It’s not just about taste, smell or appearance, or even nutrition and science. It’s also about culture, the memory of past and future, and friendship.

I wrote so much just want to show off that I (almost) haven’t had any two days eating the same food in 2015. Now here comes the question: if I have 2 dishes per meal, 3 meals per day. 1 dish can be leftover till the next day. (“Same food” means the same 2 dishes in 1 meal.) How many different dishes at least have I had this year?(today is Feb 4)

Midnight is coming….Time to Anti-social! (我要报社啦!)

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Each dish has a story. I’ll write them in my food diary 🙂